Monday, January 21, 2008

New tinymailto version

There is a new version of tinymailto uploaded today, version 21-jan-2008.

The new version include:
  • spellcheck/typo update, thank to Ryan from for the detailed email containing all the corrections
  • a link back to the referrer page, as suggested by Daniele from
  • new about page, reflecting the actual status of tinymailto (no more an experiment)
  • new retrieved page, a smaller page
  • form input enhancement: size, javascript focus, tabindex(don't focus on the image)
  • new top message on all pages: appears after you create a new tinymailto URL and in the case you click another link and forgot what your tinymailto URL code were
  • PHP5 ready: this version works fine on PHP5, the version that will be used on godaddy hosting in the coming months (if all goes well)
I hope you like it, and please send me any kind of feedback and wish lists, here in the blog or via the about page. Thanks


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