Sunday, September 10, 2006

Adsense no more + ajax popup

I'm planning deprecating the Adsense for, so it will load a little bit faster.
The Firefox button should stay.

More ideas - ajax popup
I'm planning learning about AJAX in the near future, I'm choosing a book right now. My idea is to put in your page.
A click on you URL will popup a litle window pointing to, you will only have to enter the captcha and there you go, your email is clickable.
If the user closes the popup, he must do all over again.
The popup will not be a window, but a html element, something like: amazon wish list popup, google calendar dialog popup for: adding a calendar, "do you want to delete your calendar", etc
That's all the brainstorming for now ..., 5 weeks later

This is the weekly report. Starting from today, I'm planning reporting once a month. So I will have a little more time on sundays for playing games or the familly ;)

Traffic is stabilizing after the masive visitors from, for example, until today we have 192 URLs created.

We have now like 60-70 visits por week.

Until next month, bye

Sunday, September 03, 2006, 4 weeks later, August in review

Wow, this post marks the first month of since launch :)
Here are the weekly stats:
  • Visits: 2677 (Google Analitycs) 3932 (
  • Pageviews: 5752 (Google Analitics)
  • tinymailto URL created: 187
  • Countries of visitors: 73
  • search results of "": 353
  • -> Type: tinymailto -> Click: "I feel lucky" -> you got:!
  • Links sites: igotspam, meneame(47 meneos)

All these numbers are totals, from 06-aug-2006 until now(03-set).

A big thanks for all users!